Von Myon Sunim (1950-2003)

Von Myon Synim — the student of the patriarch Seong-chel Senim. The founder international буддистского the centre «Lotus Lantern» in Seoul and a temple «Dalma Sa».
Von Myon Sunim (Perfect Light) was born in 1950 in Taegu. Went to school and did not show especial interest to the Buddhism. In 19 years he prepared for entrance examinations in university. As in the nearest Buddhist temple it was very cosy, silent, he was engaged there. Here it has ripened the decision to become the monk, he escapes in well-known monastery in Korea Heins and becomes novice. Parents have found him here only in half a year. Persuaded to come back home, but was already too late.

Soon it has accepted monastic dedication and became a student Seongcheol Sunim (the Patriarch of Korean Buddhist Chogye Order). In Heinsa Von Myon Sunim has spent 12 years. Took part in 3 monthly summer and winter seclusions and retreats «Jump of a tiger» when monks practise meditation within 3 weeks for 20 hours without sleeping. It is possible to tell, that as a whole he spent in a hall for meditation of monastery Heins about three years.

Once, during one of retreat words and phrases of English language (it studied it at school) began to climb in his head. So there was a decision to learn English. After that he goes to Sri Lanka where it receives one more Buddhist name Asanga. Asanga means impartiality, not coherence with anything. This word describes free, not staying in anything, mind.

Having lived some years abroad, Von Myon Sunim has learnt, that except for facts in issue from Buddhist history of Korea, in the world it is not known about the Korean Buddhism. Then there is a desire to organise the International Centre of the Buddhism, first in Korea.

In 1987 Von Myon Sunim with several Europeans has based the international Buddhistic centre «Lotus Lantern». Has been constructed meditaion centre near Seoul. Now under a management Von Myon Sunim is under construction Buddhistic Temple on Taiwan.

To Russia Sunim has arrived for the first time in 1989. During the summer Olympic Games in Seoul Von Myon Sunim worked in Olympic village in the Buddhist centre. He got acquainted with the translator from St.-Petersburg and has received the invitation on a visit. Before to go to Russia, he was necessary to receive the permission of the Master. Usually Seongcheol Sunim rejected all similar offers, saying, that it is not necessary. Von Myon was afraid, that will hear the similar answer. But on its surprise, Seongcheol Sunim has told, that it important and has approved a trip.

Von Myon has held to Russia a few retreats, to much has given the refuge, some students have devoted in monks. Donetsk, Bishkek, Tashkent, Tula — cities where he was the Teacher. In 2000 in Moscow the Buddhist community «Dalmasa» has been organised.

Von Myon Sunim has died on September, 23rd, 2003.

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