Dear, we are glad to invite you to the Zen, health and human development training based on modern achievements of mankind in these matters by means of Chan School.

Day One. Saturday 02/11/2017 11:00-16:00

The first module (2.5 hours): The primary diagnosis of each participant, means self-diagnosis (graphical as well, available even for teenagers). Exercises keys to activate energy “boilers” (centers) by qigong method. Basics of energy cooperation between the partners (original tantra). Cleaning the body, centering it. Short theoretical background and Qigong exercises.

The second module (2.5 hours): For those are interested purely in Buddhist methods of working with consciousness: Technique and Technology of the «Explosive (breakthrough) enlightenment» method — Koan (hvadu). Practicing Hvadu in group, paradoxical dialogues. Method Hvadu by Jogye Order. Hvadu Practice allows to develop the ability to respond quickly to the problems, search for creative ways of their solution, it improves internal human wisdom GREATLY, teaches to solve the unsolvable questions. This is one of the peaks of meditative techniques.

Day two. Sunday 02/12/2017. 11: 00-16: 00
The first module (2.5 hours): Night dreams, nature, effects, usefulness of working with the subconscious while sleeping. Practices of working with the dreams: from simple to more complex (for those who have a spiritual experience and skills). Qigong Exercises for cleaning and protecting biofield (of ourselves, but also of the family and house) in process of dreaming. Correct interpretation techniques of religious experience in a dream and trance experiences. Safety rules.

The second module — for those who are loyal to the school of Zen Buddhism: spiritual practices of everyday life in the dreams, stages of transition. Practices of “microdiving” into subconscious during the day, searching for answers. Little formal ceremonial actions and settings. Practicing Hvadu while dreaming. Dedication of merits.

Answers to questions, interactive methods of interviews, each will receive individual advice.

Coach: Folk Healer of Ukraine, Master of «Golden Hands», Chan Teacher (Zen) in Ukraine, Coach – Mr. Dyuzhok G.: experience in healing over 25 years, qigong instructor and yoga therapist, Ayurveda therapist, practicing modern trends of osteopathy and visceral therapy, mentor and Teacher of officially registered Zen communities in Ukraine for 20 years. Has got straight Parampara (a transmission line of the Teaching) from schools Ninhma, Dzogchen. Transfer of Dharma (Teaching) from Jogue Order (South Korea) and international schools Kvanum.

Assistant coach: Folk Healer of Ukraine, qigong instructor, unique and almost only representative in Ukraine of SPF techniques (Germany) — AM Kulchytsky: experience of over 10 years, the youngest teacher of Dharma, got experience in Germany.

To whom this event is? For all who wish to increase and intensify their mental, physical and mental abilities, regardless of religious and cultural preferences; who wish to enhance the intensity of their development as individuals, learn the same body shaping experience working skills with subtle energies of the body, overcome phobias, insecurities, emotions; who wish to learn how to work and sleep with dreams, wants to improve the state of health.

Contraindications: severe mental and infectious diseases (other threat infection), being under the influence of drugs narcotic effect.

It’s also possible to participate in one module.

Cost: 450 UAH day training seminar, one module — 250 UAH. All training — 800 UAH.

Significant discount to students, the disabled (hurt), veterans, poor, retired people. Every situation is taken into consideration and discussed privately.

Phone: 050-6424835

Held event at Kyiv, Lva Tolstoho St, 11

Let the karmic flow will form good for everyone for the benefit of all living beings!

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