Retreat with zen master Wu Bong

Dear friends!

23-24 of June, 2010 will arrive in Ukraine Zen Master Wu Bong. Planned retreat in Kyiv (and Donetsk).

About Zen Master:
Wu Bong Soen Sa Nim (Zen Master Wu Bong) is a leading teacher for many Zen centers in Europe and the head teacher at the European School of Zen Kwan Um.

We kindly request all who wish to participate in the retreat send applications to: pultho «dog»

The letter must include:
Name, Last Name, Photo

Last year, the cost of participation in the retreat (for 3 days with meals) was UAH 600 or 3,000 rubles.
This year, the calculation has not yet occurred, but not likely to be cheaper.
If no money, then contact individually, try to resolve this issue.


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