Diamond sutra seminar

Diamond Sutra or Prajna Paramita Sutra Vadzhrachchhedika — awakens the perfect wisdom, stimulates the mind of enlightenment is unique in its kind, will neutralize selfish impulses like lightning cuts through centuries of darkness of ignorance, destroys manipulative bridle thrown over the mind.


Conduct classes will be: Tae Thong — Master of dhyana (meditation and contemplation), the Master of Dharma (Truth) — which has direct lines of transmission of the Dharma Masters. Together with younger teachers Dharma Ho Sun and Tkhe Chick Chan.

Used as a technique of deep questions and paradoxes that are shared with the pacification of the mind and clear vision through zazen can make the leap in spiritual growth and enlightenment.

All those wishing to advance in the study and understanding of the sutras, to all who seek to awaken their original nature, please register and contact us.

Participation in the seminar will be helpful if you could:

  • seek to penetrate deeper into the meaning of the teachings of the Buddha;
  • seeks to promote the study and understanding of the Diamond Sutra;
  • aspire to awaken to its original nature;
  • seeks to expand its worldview, consciousness and perception of true reality, qualitatively, in practice, enhance creativity.

All who take part in the seminar, please register by phone. 066 274 26 70 or by e-mail: pultho@gmail.com
(Registration is preferred by e-mail)
In the letter, please indicate: name, age, phone number, the experience of meditation or Buddhist practice (if available).
The seminar will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2011
Beginning (approximately) at 10.00.
The exact time and venue of the seminar will be announced later (depending on the number of participants)
The cost of participation (choose more than an acceptable option):
1) donations (offerings) in all conscience,
2) how much God has put the soul,
3) based on the personal resources and desire:)
Namo Buddha!


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