15-20 July retreat

Under Slavyanogorsk Donetsk region of Ukraine in the village Yarovoye. A favorable backdrop of Mother Nature will offer classes on self-defense, the monks of Shaolin Bagua, lectures on life, the basics of psychology and psychophysics, yoga, qigong. Basics of first aid. The basic techniques of dhyana (meditation) according to the …

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8-9 April retreat in Donetsk

In Donetsk, the retreat will be devoted to the celebration of Vesak. Vesak — a Buddhistfestival in honor of Buddha’s birth, as well as the date of its enlightenment and death.Wishing to participate in the retreat must register in advance. Please send yourapplication to pultho@gmail.com

Von Myon Synim memory ceremony

Sept. 23 dedication ceremony held Won Myung Sunim. September 23, 2003 at 6:00 amin the convent Chhonnyansa (Hapchhon) at the age of 53 years (33 years in the sangha)died Won Myung Sunim, a Buddhist monk who led an international center «LotusLantern» and is made solely for the dissemination of a lot of Korean Buddhism abroad

Health seminar

Was conducted on-site wellness seminar on the Azov Sea. The program of the seminarwere: qigong exercises, yoga in the water, a traditional Buddhist meditation, were givenspecial techniques for biocorrection musculoskeletal system.

Planet parade

During the big parade of Planets was held three—day retreat. The program of the retreatwere: in addition to the traditional Zen ceremony, work on the Sutra of the WonderfulDharma Lotus Flower, and was also held a special ceremony aimed at the world in all the worlds and the harmonization of space in these worlds and dimensions with the use of force arrayed planets.