15-20 July retreat

Under Slavyanogorsk Donetsk region of Ukraine in the village Yarovoye. A favorable backdrop of Mother Nature will offer classes on self-defense, the monks of Shaolin Bagua, lectures on life, the basics of psychology and psychophysics, yoga, qigong. Basics of first aid. The basic techniques of dhyana (meditation) according to the teachings of Bodhidharma.

Naturally will have free time to rest.

Retreat held in the not highly regulated form, because different levels of training participants.

Basic Requirements: a commitment to development, aid in the liberation of sentient beings from suffering and coming to enlightenment.

The demand for health: not applicable to the contacts of infectious and mental diseases.

With a must have personal care items, three bowls, cups, spoons, mats (karemat) and a bed to sleep, a pillow for sitting, mosquito and friendly attitude.

Arrival: Friday 15 July. Retreat will last until Wednesday 20 July. You can pouchasvovat only some days (in part).

Recommended donation of 250 hryvnia — the fees. Meals and transportation costs — at your expense. Naturally, there will prepare meals and collective pool their savings:)

Address: Yarovaya Village, St.. 21/23 Red Army. In the village there are train and bus service, for details contact at the direction of contacts:

e-mail: pultho@gmail.com

Phone: 068-167-52-45



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